Name of the workshop How to Get a Job in English Teaching format B
Workshop teacher Prof. C. Black Recommended prior knowledge --- Timetable Unique
General description of workshop This workshop has 3 main objectives. The first is to give students a basic understanding of the different stages of finding employment in an English-speaking environment: increasing and enhancing their presence on internet; interpreting and replying to advertisements; writing CVs and covering letters (British, EU and American formats); how to present themselves at interviews, and related questions. It also aims to broaden students’ lexis with respect to the world of work in general and their chosen sector in particular, as well as helping them to identify and describe their personal skills and qualities. The third aim is to improve students’ fluency and communicative skills in general, and with this in mind every session will include time spent discussing topics of general interest in pairs, groups and open class.
Language English Tipus OB
Technical requirements   At the room: Computer, projector, internet access, black/whiteboard
To be provided by the student: ---
Format Scheduled for the 1st semester.


Date of proposal: 22/05/2012
Date of last update: 18/04/2013
Date of validation by the School Academic Committee: 18/06/2013