General Course Objectives 
General Course Objectives  GO's associated with each competency
(GO) C5 C8  C9 C10
GO1.- To consolidate and extend theoretical knowledge about the English language (grammar and lexis). X  X  X
GO2.- To improve the ability to understand the written and spoken language and accept it as the language in which the course is taught. X      
GO3.- To learn how to identify and analyse the characteristics of organisation, style and lexis (register) of written advertising and PR messages. X X X X
GO4.- To apply the knowledge acquired to produce various types of text related to the fields of advertising and PR. X X X X
GO5.- To demonstrate the ability to work in a team as well as alone during the learning process. X      


Description of the specific objectives of each block
Blocks Specific objectives of each block of topics SO associated with each GO
    OG1 OG2 OG3  OG4 OG5 
1 SO1.- To learn about and analyse the general and specific features of the main types of written messages used PR in English. X X   X
SO2.- To develop and demonstrate the ability to express oneself in written English and to use structured and coherent arguments. X X    X X
SO3.- To develop and demonstrate the ability to use English grammar and lexis accurately. X X    X  X 
SO4.- To learn and use technical lexis related to PR and advertising. X  X    X   
SO5.- To demonstrate autonomy in carrying out tasks and be able to criticise one’s own work.         X
2 SO6.- To develop the ability to analyse and  criticise advertising messages in English.  X   X X   X
SO7.- To learn how to produce press advertisements (texts and slogans) in English. X  X  X   X
SO8.- To learn and use technical lexis related to advertising.  X  X  X    
SO9.- To apply knowledge acquired correctly.  X  X     X
SO10.- To demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team.        X