Read Assessment: General Information about the Degree
Course-specific assessment system information
  • Check the end of assessment period and academic management calendar.
  • Plagiarism and/or the copying of assessed activities will result in the assessed work in question receiving a 'fail' mark and may lead to the student/s concerned failing the course. The School may also decide to take disciplinary measures.
  • Marks will be given for correct grammar and spelling, style and appropriacy of message. 
  • Work handed in late or in formats other than stated for assessment purposes will not be accepted, neither will any alternative work be accepted to pass the course.
  • Class attendance is recommended in all cases, also for students who have opted for the single assessment system. Check cases in which it is mandatory.
  • All learning activities are graded from 0-10.
  • The minimum grade required to pass each learning activity is 5.
  • To recieve the grade of "Matricula d'honor", the student must acheive an overall grade of 10, and, according to the regulations, the number of Honours Grades can not exceed 5% of the total number of students registered in the subject.
Continuous Assessment System
Requirements: unless they indicate to the contrary, all students will be assessed under this system.
Block Name of Learning Activity Detailed description of Learning Activity Group or Individual Compulsory
% of mark
1 1-2

Practical activity
Role play: a PR job interview.

Preparing, practicing and role-playing a job interview.  Group (2-4 people)  YES  15%
 Individual  YES  20%
2 1-2  Practical activity

A radio advertisement.

Writing and recording a radio advertisement.  Group (2-4 people)  YES  10%
 Individual  YES  20%
3 1-2 Practical activity

Team presentation

Preparing and giving a presentation on a topic related to PR or advertising, incorporating a series of techniques.  Group (2-4 people)  YES  15%
 Individual  YES  20%


Retake under the Continuous Assessment System.

The maximum final mark will be 5.

Name of Learning Activity Detailed description of Learning Activity % of grade
Practical activities: Presentation A short individual presentation (5 minutes) in person on a topic chosen by the student and related to advertising / PR. 100%


Exam Only Assessment System
Requirements: students wishing to be assessed under the exam only system must submit a formal application within the time frame and in the format set out in the academic calendar.
Sequence Name of Learning Activity Detailed description of Learning Activity % of grade
1 Practical activities: Video activity, presentation Students who choose this option must also take a final exam. To be eligible to take the final exam, students must also publish the following pieces of audiovisual work on Moodle at least 15 days before the exam date on the School’s official calendar (identifying themselves by name and surnames at the beginning of the recordings).

1.- A monologue describing the personal qualitites needed to work in PR or advertising and why you think you would be a good professional in one of these sectors (3 minutes).

2.- A radio advertisement (1 minute).

3.- A presentation on a topic related to PR or advertising (3 minutes).
2 Exam The final exam will be done in groups chosen by the lecturer and will cover the entire content of the course.

All marks given will be individual.
This option is recommended exclusively for students whose English level is equal to or higher than C1 (advanced).


Retake under the Exam Only Assessment System.

The maximum final mark will be 5.

Nom activitat formativa Descripció detallada de l'activitat formativa % of grade
Oral exam A discussion with the lecturer on a topic from the course 100%