Welcome to the University School of Public Relations, affiliated  to the Universitat de Barcelona.
We offer a  Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, which is adapted to the European Higher Education Area.
Our Study Programme is adapted to the European ECTS credits system (European Credit Transfer System), which facilitates student mobility and credit validation among degrees studied here and abroad.


Erasmus Code: E BARCELO01

University School of Public Relations

The University School of Public Relations was the first university in Europe to specialize in this subject. Its aims are research and the education and training of professionals in the fields of public relations and advertising.
It was officially recognized by Ministry Order on 28th July 1969 (Official State Bulletin 26.08.69).
The School is owned by the European University Foundation of Public Relations (FUERP).
The School’s main academic objective is to provide students with the necessary theoretical, technical and practical education and training to equip them to work in all public relations and advertising-related activities in organizations of all types (public administration, private companies) and in the corresponding specialized sectors.

Students Mobility Office

Contact for Bilateral Agreements: Dra. Sara Magallón.
Principal of the University School of Public Relations
Institutional Coordinator

International Relations Office: Mrs. Sandra Melús
Phone: +34 93 321 54 62
E-mail: Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa. Necessites JavaScript habilitat per veure-la.

Where we are

Our address is:
Escuela Superior de Relaciones Públicas. Carrer Sepúlveda, 50
08015 Barcelona

Metro: Line 1 (Red). Stop: Rocafort Buses: 13, 52, 55, H12, H16, V9, 91, E95, L94, L95
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Secretary's Office Hours

Academic year:  Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 21.00.

July and Christmas: Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 15.00.
and from Monday to Thursday from 17.00 to 19:30.

Easter Week and August: Closed.

How can I study at the school?

Procedure to follow and required documentation for Erasmus place applicants:

- Before you arrive:
1. Check the list of universities to make sure that your university has a Bilateral Erasmus+ Programme Agreement with us.
If it has, simply follow your university’s application procedure. If your university is not on the list, ask them to contact us by email at: Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa. Necessites JavaScript habilitat per veure-la. to set up an agreement.
2. Your university will send us a list with your name and electronic data as a student selected for the Erasmus+ programme.
3. Procedure:

  • Fill in the online Acceptance Application Form for a temporary stay at our university and print two copies to send  by e-mail ( Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa. Necessites JavaScript habilitat per veure-la. ) to the Escola Superior de Relaciones Públiques. The following documentation must be sent by email after the opening date for applications (around March) and BEFORE 15th November (deadline for applications for the 2nd semester of academic year 2019- 2020):

    • Two copies of your online application form for admission duly completed and signed by your tutor at your home university.

    • Copy of the Learning Agreement.

    • Transcript of Records.

    • Certificate signed by your home University attesting your participation on the program or agreement.

    • Copy of your passport or identity document.

    • Two passport-size photos.

    • Certificate of language proficiency (not mandatory).

    • Proposal of the courses you are interested in studying at the School (See the  "What can I Study?" section).

Once your application has been processed we will contact you to notify you as to whether you have been accepted or not.
As soon as you have been accepted you must start looking for accommodation (See the "Accommodation" section).
On your arrival at the UB, you will be requested to show a copy of your Insurance (See the "Medical, accidents and repatriation Insurance" section).






- During your stay.
Shortly before classes start you will receive a notification from the University School to arrange an interview and formalize your registration, the Certificate of Arrival and the Learning Agreement.
At your arrival it is important to check again your Learning Agreement and the lists of subjects on our web site. During the first 15 days of the second semester you can change your subjects if you want to.
Once registered, you will have access to the School’s Virtual Campus and free Wi-Fi service.
Although a visa is not required, all members of the EU who are going to stay in Spain for over 3 months are required to apply for registration at the Central Foreigners' Register, which will issue of a registration certificate.
You can apply for this in person at Barcelona’s administrative unit, located at Rambla Guipuzcoa 74.

- At the end of your stay.
We will send two copies of your transcript of records to your university by post or mail (one for the university and the other one for you). 

What can I study?

EHEA Bachelor’s degree courses:
Erasmus Subject Area:
15.3 Public Relations, Publicity, Advertising 
342 / 0414 Marketing and Advertising
Teaching period: Second Semester: From February to May
Credit system ECTS
(European Credit Transfer System):
Minimum ECTS credits per semester: 18 ECTS
Maximum ECTS credits per semester: 30 ECTS
Language requirements
Teaching language: -English: 12 ECTS credits
-Catalan and Spanish
Specific language entrance requirements: Suggested B2 English and B2 Spanish / Catalan
Catalan and Spanish Language Courses
Academic calendar

The second semester of 2019- 2020 runs from February to June 2020 (including exams and assessment).

Academic calendar 18-19

Studying and living in Barcelona: useful information

The University of Barcelona has agreements with the BCU (Barcelona University Centre).
The BCU is an organization whose aim is to help the foreign university community with non-academic aspects of life. It helps students find the most suitable accommodation according to their needs. There are different kinds of accommodation (private flats, rooms for rent, etc).
Halls of residence: The UB’s offer in halls of residence (known as ‘col·legis majors’) are private centres holding an agreement with the university. They provide either single- or mixed-sex accomodation and practise policies to encourage their student residents to develop the social skills involved in sharing a living space.
Accommodation Websites: Uniplaces. Uniplaces is an online marketplace for booking student accommodation with thousands of verified properties.

Medical, accidents and repatriation Insurance

All International students must take out medical, accident and repatriation, insurance for their stay at the UB.
Medical coverage: Students from countries that are members of the European Economic Area (European Union countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and who are entitled to Social Security benefit in their own country should present their European health insurance card. The form for this card is issued by your country’s públic health authorities and entitles you to medical care in Spain.
Accidents and repatriation coverage: All students must prove an insurance that covers accidents and repatriation. It can be taken out at the home country at individual level or by the home institution. In any case, you have the option of purchasing one, with a insurance company has signed an agreement with the UB: COBERTIS.

Student’s support

The University of Barcelona provides a number of services for temporary-stay students, such as sports facilities. If you would like more information, follow this link.

Useful links about Barcelona:

These useful websites provide a lot of information about the city where you are going to live and study: the history of Barcelona; things to do; places to visit; where to eat and cultural activities, etc:

Living in Barcelona
Barcelona Turisme
Plan your trip
TMB Transport
Erasmus Barcelona Community
ESN Barcelona UB (students association)

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Mobility Programme section: Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa. Necessites JavaScript habilitat per veure-la.