General Course Objectives 
General Course Objectives  GOs associated with each competency
(GO) C5 C8  C9 C10
GO1.- Being able to understand spoken English at gist and specific level in  professional contexts and outside, including profession-related and general lexis. X  X  X
GO2.- Being able to express oneself effectively in professional contexts and outside. X X  X
GO3.- Being aware of cultural factors that come into play in communication in professional contexts and outside. X X X X
GO4.- Demonstrating the ability to work alone and in groups. X      
GO5.- Consolidate, broaden and know how to apply theoretical knowledge of the English language. X      


Description of the specific objectives // Learning outcomes
Blocks Specific objectives of each block of topics SO associated with each GO
    OG1 OG2 OG3  OG4 OG5 
1 SO1.- Performing well at an interview. X X X X  
SO2.- Learning and practicing general and more technical vocabulary referring to work and the workplace. X X     X
SO3.- How to talk about your personal characteristics and abilities. X X X  X  X 
SO4.- Learning about the importance of being sensitive to cultural differences.    X  X  X  
SO5.- Improving intonation and pronunciation. X X     X
2 SO6.- Learning how to give presentations in English, both individually and as part of a team.  X   X X X X
SO7.- Being capable of following presentations in English and participate actively by asking questions. X  X X   X
SO8.- Improving fluency and learning new communicative strategies.  X  X X    
SO9.- Expressing yourself more accurately.  X  X     X
SO10.- Demonstrating the ability to work alone and in groups.        X