Course Topics
Block 1 English for the Workplace: job interviews
Introduction to English for the workplace.
Hours 1 and 2. What can you offer an employer? Your personal qualities and skills. Job interviews and how to prepare for them.
Talking about organisations and their activities; talking about your job, etc.
Creating a radio advertisement: writing, performing and recording an advert for radio.
Hour 3: Cultural awareness and its importance at work and outside; advertising and the human body; Is our relationship with technology healthy?
Block 2 Presentations
Hours 1 and 2. Introduction to presentations: "do's and don'ts" for effective presentations.
Basic techniques: the start; developing and structuring your presentation using signposting; the finish.
Powerful techniques to connect with your audience: repetition, anecdotes, the rule of three, etc.
Questions from the audience and how to deal with them.
Hour 3: Language learning; Social media: is it really social?