General course organization and Methodology
The main purpose of this course is to integrate theoretical knowledge of English with the practical skills of listening and speaking. It is mainly oriented to the workplace but time is also dedicated to language that is more typical of day-to-day social interaction. The specific aims are as follows:

- To provide models of useful language for different professional situations related with the PR and advertising sectors (job interviews and presentations) and opportunities to practise talking about a range of different topics in social situations;
- To improve the ability to understand spoken English;
- To practice different language functions such as expressing and asking for ideas and opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, , etc.;
- To develop communication strategies;
- To improve grammatical accuracy, fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation;
- To be able to talk about current affairs and the news;
- To increase awareness of the cultural factors associated with the need to communicate effectively with professionals from all over the world
- To encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, both inside and outside the classroom;
- To promote the ability to work independently as well as in groups.

The course focuses on:
i) job interviews, work and the workplace
ii) presentations
iii) creating and recording an advertisement for radio.

Each part contains specific activities directly related to the main theme, as well as more general activities. Preparing for job interviews and giving presentations assists with fluency and communication strategies, while creating a radio advertisement focuses more on pronunciation, intonation and grammatical accuracy. An active methodology is used to encourage maximum participation in class.

Students are recommended to attend classes. Single assessment is not recommended for students whose English level is not at least C1.

To enhance learning and participation, students are divided into 2 groups according to their level of English. (B2 – C1 and above, and B2 - B1 and below). The first session each week is with the whole group and covers the professional aspects of the course - “Hours 1 and 2”- . The second is with one of the smaller groups on alternate weeks and covers more general discussion topics –“Hour 3”; students therefore have 4 hours of English one week and 2 the next. The remaining 13 hours of the course are covered by complementary activities on Moodle – “Hour 4”.