General Information about the Degree
  • Typology: continuous and exam.
    In accordance with the University of Barcelona’s RULES GOVERNING ASSESSMENT AND THE GRADING SYSTEM:
    As a general rule, the continuous assessment system must be used. (article 10.1)
    Students who inform the university that they are unable to fulfil the requirements of the continuous assessment system have the right to sit a final exam instead. The standard form must be filled in and submitted within the time period set by the School.
  • Normalized instance
  • General Assessment Criteria:
General course assessment:
The course is assessed on subject basis.
Assessment consists of the following points:

1.- Theory and practical: graded from 0 a 10, according to the following criteria:
- Clarity with which the theoretical concepts required are expressed.
- Approach taken to the task.
- Finding the right outcome

2.- Projects and presentations: These can be done individually or in groups and are theory-based. All projects are graded from 0 to 10, taking into account:
- Quality and depth of contents, results and conclusions reached.
- Resources and bibliography used.
- Layout, presentation, structure and legibility of written work.

3.- Practicals: Practicals can be done individually or in groups. They are entirely practical. All practicals are graded from 0 to 10, taking into account:
- Approach taken complete the task (planning, order.)
- The degree to which the outcome of the work meets the specified aims.
- Quality of the outcome.

The grading system used appears in RD 1.125/2003 of 5 September:

0-4.9 Fail (S)
5.0-6.9 Pass (P)
7.0-8.9 Very Good (VG)
9.0-10 Excellent (EX)

Students with grades of 9.0 or above may be awarded a “matrícula d’honor(MH). The proportion of students receiving this award may not exceed 5% of all students enrolled on a specific course in one academic year unless fewer than 20 students are enrolled in which case only one “matrícula d’honor” may be awarded.