Formulari d'accés

Name of the workshop Advertising and Graphic Design failures: why some campaigns failed and what to learn from them Teaching format N
Workshop teacher Prof. C. Fàbregas Recommended prior knowledge --- Timetable Unique
General description of workshop 1. – Creative and graphical analysis: we will analyse, through visual examples, the graphic design and creativity of foreign (UK & US focus mainly) and national renowned campaigns, and not so renowned.
2. – Advertising context: secondly, we will see if they achieved their goals and if, therefore, were an advertising failure or success.
Language English Tipus OB
Technical requirements   At the room: Projector, computer, Mac projector Adaptor, Internet.
To be provided by the student: Pencil, paper and rubber.
Format INTENSIU (Juny)


Date of proposal: 01/02/2012
Date of last update: 02/05/2017
Date of validation by the Executive Committee: 27/04/2017