Formulari d'accés

Evaluation: Specific Information 
  • The evaluation must be considered as Continuous Evaluation and must be solved during the academic period.
  • Marks will be quantitative between 0 and 10. The mark should be presented with one decimal.
  • All learning activities are graded from 0-10.
  • The minimum grade required to pass each learning activity is 5.
  • Check the end of assessment period and academic management calendar.
  • Class attendance is recommended in all cases.
  • The format of the workshop includes no exam only assessment or reassessment.
  • Deliveries will not be accepted later or in formats or different supports than stated for assessment purposes. Neither it will be accepted any alternative recovery work.
Continuous evaluation
Sequence Block  Name of the educational activity Activity description Workgroups or
Individual work
% on the note.
Max. of 60% for each activity
1 1 Attendance

Students need to attend to 80% of the sessions

Individual Yes 10%
2 1 Production of a Learning portfolio

The students will produce a learning portfolio of 6 Ad campaigns: 3 successful ones and 3 failures, i.e. campaigns that have increased or decreased the sales or awareness of the products or services promoted. Later on the class will choose a failed campaign unanimously.

Individual Yes 25%
3 1 Implementation activity

The students will need to rethink and redo the chosen Campaign of Activity 1. But with one premise: correct the maximum with the minimum. Using the minimum amount of resources, students will need to redesign the Campaign to achieve considerable and positive results.

Individual Yes 20%
4 1 Simulation exercise

The class will divide in groups in which the students will do some role-play. One by one, each member of the group will represent the agency presenting his/her newly redone Campaign, while the rest of the group play the client’s role. Whether they like it or not, they will need to have a say.

Workgroup Yes 20%
5 1 Production of a Learning portfolio 2

The students will produce a learning portfolio with self-promotional examples. It will contain 6 examples of young creative’s portfolios; 3 which the student believes that are impressive and 3 not so impressive. Later on he/she will find out how it was presented to the creative directors at the agencies.

Individual Yes 25%