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Workshop Program

- Subject 1. – Graphic Design as an essential tool: good and bad graphics used in campaigns (a campaign with a good graphic design can be a failure and vice versa). Graphic Design principles and elements that must be considered. Photographic campaigns vs. typographical campaigns.
- Subject 2. – Copywriting techniques; the message, tone of voice, point of view etc.
- Subject 3. – Contextual analysis –with visual examples– of an Ad campaign from the beginning; from Briefing to execution. Work stages and work flow: the 4D’s, Discovery, Definition, Design and Delivery.
- Subject 4. – Creative techniques and different media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Internet, viral, etc.). What makes an idea a good idea? Ideas that stick in the collective mind; SUCCESs fundamentals. Good ideas poorly executed versus bad ideas well executed.
- Subject 5. – Self-promotion: if your job is to promote big brands, why don’t you use these powers with yourself? Creating a good and bad portfolio. Producing a good folio to land a good job!
- Discussion: At the end of every lecture –theoretical contextualisation–, the subject will be discussed with the students for a few minutes.


This workshop has an eminently practical character.
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