Workshop General Objectives OGT associated to each one of the competences
(OGT) C1 C2 C3  C4  C6  C7  C12 C13
OG1.- The student will know the different  typologies of crisis. X       X   X  
OG2.- He/she will learn to make quick decisions on the basis of uncertain information.     X X        
OG3.- The student will know develop crisis plans.     X     X    
OG4.- He/she will learn to assist the organization to recover its image and reputation.   X           X


Specific objectives of each block
Blocks Objectives to each block of the program SO related to each one GO
OG1 OG2 OG3  OG4
1 OE1.- The student will know if crisis situations may occur by external factors or internal factors. X      
OE2.- He/she will learn to decisions making.   X    
OE3.- The student will know implement plans to minimized the impact of crises.     X  
OE4.- The student will know the resources to continued operation of the organization.        X