Course Topics
Block 1 Name: Writing for PR

Topic 1. Essential vocabulary for PR. Emails. Summarizing. Back to basics: Formal / informal registers.Writing workshop: a business email.
Topic 2. Articles and feature articles. Writing effective paragraphs and topic sentences. Back to basics: English sentence structure.Writing workshop: a feature article.
Topic 3. Press releases. Back to basics: controlling narrative tenses.Writing workshop: a press release
Topic 4. Blogging and micro-blogging. Back to basics: false friends.Writing workshop. A blog post.

Block 2 Name: Writing for Marketing and Advertising

Topic 5. Promotional copy-writing. Essential vocabulary for marketing. Street and guerrilla marketing.Writing workshop: a promotional text. Back to basics: singular / plural nouns.
Topic 6. Writing advertising copy. Essential vocabulary for advertising and branding. Analyzing print advertisements. Ad-busting. Back to basics: accuracy in written English.Writing workshop: body copy for a print advertisement.
Topic 7. Slogans and taglines. Back to basics: words with several meanings. Writing workshop: advertising slogans.
Topic 8. Advertorials. Back to basics: spelling and punctuation (incl. British and American spelling). Writing workshop: an advertorial.